Cloud Guide

Consultancy services to share experience and guide on how to get the most out of the cloud. Guidelines for all levels of the organization to get the most out of Cloud native services. This way you are getting to a point where you have cloud native services, agile ways of working and cost-efficient solutions. This way the organization will be ready to handle what comes tomorrow and stay competitive. By implementing agile working methods like DevSecOps as well as utilizing public cloud, you are more scalable, have total control of your environment and have a cost-efficient environment.

Our Cloud guide helps your organization to implement agile working methods and transform the working culture to embrace new technology. DevSecOps is not only a thing developers and operations adopt but will impact much more of the organization and how to plan for future services. During this transformation you will have highly secure, flexible, and scalable solutions that welcome rapidly releases and close to no errors. The culture changes also shift where responsibility for code resides from the release QA team to the DevSecOps team that will have full lifetime responsibility.

Cloud Guide services will help your organization to have discussions on important aspects, so you are well prepared for your implementation. There are usually several areas that the organization need to discuss and prepare for. Whether it be changes in organization, develop a new working culture or how to gain the training everyone needs to make this a success.

We offer cloud guidance in different forms. We have Cloud guides for projects and long-term assistance as well as one- or two-day workshops. This way you get the support you need and flexibility of access to our Cloud Guides.

To help you get started we offer a free one-day workshop. You’re welcome to Contact us to get more information on this offer.

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